Global Ecovillage Network of North America

The Global Ecovillage Network envisions a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing
and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future, and building bridges of hope and
international solidarity.

GEN North America (GENNA) is united to serve as an organizing force to create, bring, and share more ecological projects, communities, teachings, and related events to North America.

GENNA is an alliance of these partner organizations:

NextGEN North America (NextGEN-NA)
Global Ecovillage Network - US (GEN-US)
The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC)

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  • 10.06.2016
    "The Call of Salvia, 14th Council Held in Mexico Visions,...
    By Coyote Alberto Ruz, Ecoaldea Huehuecoyotl, Mexico House  From November 21-28, 2015 took place the 14th Vision Council, "Call of the Salvia," in Teopantli Kalpulli intentional community in...
  • 07.01.2016
    "Deepening Community - Deepening Love"
    Ina Meyer-Stoll and Achim Ecker are founding members of ZEGG and have lived in community for more than 30 years. For about 20 years they are deeply involved in teaching ZEGG Forum and other community...
  • 04.01.2016
    Almost Fossil-Free: The Hut Hamlet Neighborhood at Earthaven...
    Could Earthaven Ecovillage, in the Southern Appalachian mountains in the US, become, as GEN advocates, “Fossil-Free by 2020”? With its new “off-grid Microgrid” system, one of Earthaven’s 13...
  • 21.03.2015
    California: Celebrating and Honouring Water
    A pilgrimage in California called Walking Water will spotlight humanity’s relationship to water and invite people to co-create solutions that are pivotal to the wellbeing of all life on Earth. GEN is...
  • 21.03.2015
    Sociocracy in North American Ecovillages and Intentional...
    Sociocracy — which means “governance by peers or colleagues” (sometimes called “Dynamic Governance”) in the US — is an increasingly popular governance and decision-making method based on the...
  • 29.12.2014
    Good News from Mexico
    “Why spend time chopping down a tree that is rotting from the inside out when instead you could be focusing on making sure the young trees grow safely?” These wise words seem quite pertinent to the...